martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

Festival 2009

La convocatoria de proyectos 2009 abrirá a principios de Abril, con cierre el 31 de Julio.

Proximamente estarán disponibles las bases de inscripción.

Para más información, comunicarse con


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Anónimo dijo...

Just wondering if eBay permits you to market [url=]concert tickets[/url] on-line? Do you know if you will find any restrictions depending on what country you're in?

My parents have just known as me and asked if i could "get rid" of their two tickets to a concert as they wont have the ability to make it because of yet another family event.

Apart from asking close friends etc, i thought ebay would be an excellent location to sell them.

But whats ebay's policy on selling tickets? Ive heard alot about it for the news but ive forgotten what happened.

and if it matters, the concert is inside of this coming month

Thanks ahead of time for your advice.